Golf Thinking Man’s Game

Psychology In Golf

Golf Thinking Man’s Game


Golf thought process  Game
Golf Thinking Man's Game
Players who win are those with right mental attitudes. Of 8,000,000+ golfers in the United states, Only Small fraction are “scratch” players. Thier handicaps are zero. They shoot par regularly and obviously have the right mental attitude and the physical stamina with which to back it up.



The average breakdown is something like this:

Players Handicap
1,550 Zero
68,500 1 to 3
1,903,200 4 to 12
2,906,678 13 to 18
2,567,099 19 to 24
1,272,699 25 and up

Fortunately, the fellowship at the 19th hole is superb and golf is a game in which the handicap is a great leveler. The par shooter or “scrath” player can give the 18 handicapper can drop to the 20 class and the 20 hanicapper can develop into a 10 handicapper. The 10 handicap player occasionally can shoot par Golf Thinking Man’s Game.

Golf Thinking Man's Game.

Inasmuch as all golf moments come from the brain, psychology can be stronger than a well stroked two iron or a deadly putter because it works on every club, on every shot and on every hole. There are twelve psychological props that have helped many golf players, which also referred as the Mental Dozen.  Many players had to learn most of them the hard way and this why Golf Thinking Man’s Game.

This website will show why Golf Game Thinking Man’s Game..

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