Pro Putting Tips

Pro Putting Tips to Improve your putting game

It’s me with a tip that can take your putting game to the next level. This tip comes from the expertise of Jeff Richmond the creator of “5 Minutes to GREAT Putting”, a specialized program you’ll see featured here.

So here if Jeff with professional insights to maximizing your putting precision.

Today I am going to introduce a very simple but equally potent bit of advices that can slash your stroke count for each play down considerably.

If you don’t believe that one simple piece of good advice is enough to do that, just look at Rory McIlroy. His putting game was in the gutter when a small adjustment to the right-handed grip takes him from ZERO to Hero at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The more I have examined this aspect of golf, the more i believe that the secret lies in serious discipline. So, here is the tip that can help you in this regard.

–Next time you watch a pro- golf tournament online, you will get an opportunity to witness some excellent putting on the part of the professionals. Notice something, they all do that most amateurs will not be doing.

Notice how after they complete a putting stroke the professional golfer holds their stroke at the finish. Sometimes this is a mere second, but other for quite longer. Then next time you are playing with your buddies, see if they hold their finish as long as a pro. Possibly, only the really good putters do. Are they on to something?

You will rarely see a novice putter with a good follow through. After the hit, they will typically begin waving the club like a wand directing the ball to the left or right.

While it may appear to be a small difference, the good putter will hold the finish. The bad putter drops the finish or is barely even aware of it.

So does this mean that after holding their finish the poor putter is going to drop every ball in the hole? NO! But, there is a good chance they will drop more, and in any case you’ll put a competitive edge on your technique.

The point is that a good putter makes a strong confident stroke and hold their finish with intentionality. The poor putter tried to swerve the ball into the hole with the final tap.

As I said earlier in the article, there is a specific way that putting can be improved and a lot of this has to do with the discipline applied.

Holding a finish OR NOT holding the finish is a habit.

If you want to begin to interface with your technique on a basic level, try holding your finish for about a three second. By doing this you will pay more attention to perfecting your stroke than getting the ball in the hole every time. The expression “trying fails” has never been more applicable.

If you try and steer the ball from the hole the likelihood is that you will miss the shot altogether. If you focus on the quality of your form and positioning and care less about the outcome of the shot, you may find you get better results.

Putting itself has been accounted for a full 43% of the game and this month I am going to show you the way to take some of your strokes right off the game. This is really the most effective way to get a better game.

This was a tip from a professional, Jeff Richmond, if you are looking for some more great advice of perfecting your game, follow this link to Jeff Richmond’s path to Improvement.

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Garmin Golf GPS Systems

Garmin Golf GPS Systems

Garmin Golf GPS Systems

Everything you need to track your golf game with a Garmin golf GPS. All GPS systems come pre-loaded with up to 30,000 golf courses which cover the whole world, and are easy to use .These systems are equipped with color touchscreen as well as glove-friendly . Garmin golf GPS systems will fit perfectly in your pocket and of cousre on your wrist.
Multiple options for individual scorecards make keeping score during rounds a breeze. Also will measure short distances plus keep track of how far you walk . All Garmin GPS systems are Water-resistant which means there withstand splashes , sweat and rain. As you visited new course get the downloads updates for free , you will never be without the latest course maps. Additional accessories include carrying cases , clip and AC adapters. This all means as a golfers you will get the most out of your game every time you step out and Garmin golf GPS systems is must have.

Garmin Golf GPS Systems

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Garmin Fenix 5x GPS Watch

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How To Choose The Best Golf GPS Systems

When you are playing golf on one of your favorite courses, there are ways to make sure that you have the best possible experience. The main one is purchasing one of the golf GPS systems that are currently available on the market. These devices keep track of coordinates as well as distance, and they can even keep score for you. Before you head out and buy the wrong one, here are some pointers that will lead you in the right direction.

Consider The Size

All golf GPS systems are not the same size and it is a good idea to decide what you need before you head to the store. Do you want to wear a GPS that looks similar to a watch, or would one that is about the size of smartphone suit you better? This is not a factor that changes the reliability of the device; it is all a matter of preference, but it is certainly something you want to take into consideration.

It should also be noted that some of the smaller devices, like those that are fitted in watches, do not have all of the features available in larger devices. For instance, they may not have access to as many courses and you may hot be able to view any hazards.

Battery Life

If you are looking to spend some time on the course, you do not want your device to lose charge while you are out there. Always check the golf GPS systems you are considering to see how long the batteries last. Typically, the devices with more features tend to have a shorter life than others. Overall, using a GPS takes up quite a bit of battery power, so you should not expect to find any that will last for unlimited hours without issue.


The more features that are available on the device you select, the more likely it is you will see an improvement in your game. There are so many different ones that you need to be careful when trying to choose a system that has the combination that will offer the greatest benefit. Features you can expect to see during your search include, but are not limited to:

– Auto course recognition

– Displaying layup and carry distances

– Map editing

– Fitness tracking capabilities

– Stopwatch

– Measuring shot distance

It is best to look for something that has all of the features that will benefit you without including too many you don’t need since excess options mean that your battery charge will not last very long, as mentioned above.

Subscription Service

Many devices offer users the opportunity to sign up for a subscription in order to access updates and continued support. While this may seem like a great thing, there are other devices that provide this at no charge. While this is a minor factor, it is something to think about while you are out shopping.

Now that you have an idea of what you should be looking for, the buying process should be easier for you. There are many options out there, but keeping all of this in mind will lead you to the right one.

Attributes To Look For When Buying Golf Irons for Beginners

Buying Golf Irons for Beginners

golf irons for beginners

Golf in 2017 is not what it was in the late 60s and early 70s. For sure, the rules of golf have not changed. The aim is still to get the golf ball off the tee into a hole with minimum shots. However, the equipment has changed not only leading to evolution but also a revolution regarding golf irons. Every seasoned golfer was apparently once a beginner, a fact that we often tend to forget. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably wondering how the best golf irons for beginners will help you perfect your shot. You should not buy golf irons just to complete your golf set. There are important attributes to look for when purchasing a golf iron.

Attributes To Look For When Buying Golf Irons For Beginners

1. Club Head Design

Clubs that are designed with a relatively large clubface and have more weight at the club’s sole rather than the mid-section are referred to as clubs with a cavity back. Golfing irons with this kind of club head will help increase the speed of your new swing. And since you will probably not have the skills required to hit the ball with utmost precision, a relatively larger clubface will help compensate for the probable misses you would have made.

2. The Shaft

When golf irons for beginners, it is equally important to pay close attention to the shaft otherwise your performance shall be compromised. There are two common types of shafts; graphite and steel shafts, both of which are designed with different degrees of flex. Selecting the right shaft flex can help improve your hitting precision and delivery yardage.

If you’re a beginner with a slow swing speed, you should consider a golf iron with a more flexible shaft. If your swing speed is average or relatively fast, a stiff shaft would obviously be your best choice. Swing speed can be measured at a golf shop so be sure to have it measured before proceeding to buy a golf iron.

3. Forgiveness

As a beginner, how often does your shot land its desired target? Forgiveness in golf irons is an attribute that makes striking the ball easy considering the difficulty beginners face with their shots. Golf irons offering maximum forgiveness will produce shot that will travel precisely where you need them to land.

4. Wider Sole

Broader sole in golf irons makes it easier for any beginner to get the ball to travel all the distance they would have wanted it to. Moreover, broader soles help produce a smooth strike since there are chunks of grass �” which are often picked when an amateur golfer hits the ball.

Reasons Why You Slice The Ball and how to Fix It

Problem You Slice The Ball But Why?

If you’re prone to hitting the slice, there are some reasons that could have attributed to it.
Slice The Ball

First, you setup to slice the ball and that’s actually wrong. That’s because you might have a weak grip or he ball has been positioned very far from your stance while you’re actually aimed  left and actually causing golf slice.

One  main reasons why golfers slice the ball is because of poor setup and it has been happening for a long time.

Most  golfers suffering from a slicing issue always think about changing their swing and many have tried to do so. Of course, it’s a common misconception because golfers swing will be determined by the setup. Therefore, they can change their swing but if they don’t change setup it’s simply putting a band-aid on a problem. Eventually, your band-aid will fall off and  your problem will not be solved and you will go back to slicing.

Other hand, golfers are most likely going to slice the ball because they swing outwards moving in. As a result, your ball will begin to the left part of the target.

If you want to fix your slicing problem, you should start by hitting your ball on right of the target. There are a few simple ways of doing this but it actually comes down to accepting that you will have some bad shots until the ball actually comes back to the right part of the target.

Additionally, golfers have a slicing issue because they strike the ball with an open clubface.

Note that, if you’re doing this from an outward to in clubhead path, golf ball will start to the left of the target and slice.

Eventually, you will lose a lot of accuracy and distance.

Pro Draw System

That’s what you need to work on so you can approach the ball from the inside, contact it with a closed clubface rather than open. It’s actually not a tough thing if you know what to do.

Another reason why golfers have an issue with slicing is because they are using the wrong equipment. One main reason for that is the club shaft. As an amateur golfer, your club shaft might be too stiff. Therefore, you should get fitted with the best golf clubs rather than buying anything directly off the shelf.

An amazing way of fixing a slice is actually starting at the setup then working on the swing thereafter. To work on the swing, you should avoid getting into positions instead of using drills. Of course, you need specific drills to fix your slice accordingly. Otherwise you will fool yourself that your slice is fixed when it’s actually not.

Therefore, whether you’re using these tips to fix your slice or choose to do it on your own, you must follow the steps keenly.

1. Setting up the ball to encourage a hook/draw

2. Always swing from the inside rather from the outside.

3. Make sure you contact the ball with a slightly closed clubface rather than open.

4. You should have equipment which encourages a draw ball fight.

If you want to hit consistent draws in just 17 days, you should follow these steps to achieve  results you what.

Slice The Ball – The Pro Draw System And What You Should Know About It

The Pro Draw System

Top 4 Best Game Improvement Irons in 2017

Best Game Improvement Irons

best game improvement irons

Top 4 Best Game Improvement Irons

Let’s face the facts right ” everyone apparently wants to hit the golf ball longer. This is not just off the tee but also with the irons as well. This is particularly true for golfers who have been drawn to clubs in the game improvement section. Although the low handicappers will rarely suffer from a power outage, the rest of us will probably need a yardage boost. Today’s game improvement irons will give you the distance shot you’ve always wanted. Here are some of the world class game improvement irons that will help you find more greens on the golf course and even attack more pins this coming season.

1. best game improvement irons – Ping G400

The Ping G400 iron is designed to offer more distance and better-stopping power all thanks to its face flexing technology that harnesses a top rail undercut cavity which lets the club flex up to 18 percent more than the usual G iron. Its updated COR-Eye technology helps maintain a reasonable distance across the clubface. This is arguably the best-rounded iron, and it offers the best from looks to control and feel to length. Its feel is akin to what any golfer would expect from a game improvement iron of its caliber.

Ping G400 - US
PING G400 Crossover Hybrids
$229 - $250
Ping Golf Men's G400 Iron Set

2. best game improvement irons :Mizuno JPX900

Manufactured from Chromoly 4140M ” which is a new material ” the Mizuno JPX900 combines exceptionally high golf ball speeds with excellent bendability. Anyone who has used this iron can attest to the fact that it is among the best feeling irons in the market ” soft, responsive and incredibly addictive. This game improvement iron offers excellent control and forgiveness and is best suited for a mid-handicapper instead of complete beginners.

Mizuno JPX900
The Golf Warehouse

3. best game improvement irons : Titleist 718 AP1

Build for maximum forgiveness and better yardage; the Titleist 718 iron rod is a game improvement iron that you’ll be happy with. Unlike most of its predecessors, the AP1 golf improvement iron features proper perimeter weighting, better features to improve your ball speed and a more celebrated sole for better-chunked shots ” tweaks that make this iron easy to hit. The quality of this iron needs no introduction, and you will not have to sacrifice playability.

Titleist Mens 718 AP1 Irons
The Golf Warehouse

4. Cobra King F7

If you’re looking for the best game improvement irons to wow your friends, these are the clubs you need. These are perfectly forged golf clubs with a super slick looking metal finish. This is an iron ideal for individuals who need a lot of help with their golfing. Just hit from anywhere on its face and you will not only get your ball airborne easily but also reap some decent distance. This iron is perfect for amateurs and golfers who have struggled with ball striking.

Cobra King F7
The Golf Warehouse
Edwin Watts Golf

Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide what to look For

Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide

golf gps watch buying guide

Serious golfers know that being prepared is essential if you want to be at the top of your game. A golf GPS watch is one piece of equipment that no player should go without. This guide will give you all the information you need to know before you head out and make a purchase.

Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide The Price

One thing you should do is set a reasonable price range prior to heading to the store. There are many options available and the number of features will make a difference when it comes to the amount you will need to pay. If you are only concerned with tracking your stats and keeping it simple, you can probably buy one of the cheapest watches on the market. On the flip side, you will have to spend more if you want a golf GPS watch that has all of the bells and whistles.

Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide Battery Life

This is probably the single most important feature you want to consider when you are weighing all of your options. Since the purpose of this is to wear it while you play, it is important that the one you buy will not shut off while you are out on the green. There are some that are quite limited and only work for about three rounds. Others last for 10 hours or more. Choose one that fits your particular needs and playing schedule.

Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide :Fees

Whether you know this or not, there are some GPS watches that require the user to pay a subscription fee in order to gain access to all of the features. While this is not the worst thing in the world, there are plenty of others that do not require any fees in addition to the cost of the watch. Make sure that you are clear on what will be required before making a purchase.

Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide Brand

There is no rule that states you have to buy an item that was manufactured by a popular brand, but in many cases, this is your best bet. Instead of taking a chance on a relatively unknown company, you can spend your money on one that has a proven track record. You may have to pay a premium, but at least you will know you are not wasting money on a subpar product.

If you are on the lookout for the best GPS golf watch, all of the information here should be of great use to you. Following this advice will lead you to products that you will not be disappointed with.

A Guide To Finding The Best Golf Putters For Beginners

Finding The Best Golf Putters For Beginners

best golf putters for beginners

If you are new to golf, it may be particularly difficult for you to find all of the equipment you need. The good news is that there is solid information available that will lead you in the right direction. Here are some pointers that will help you find the best golf putters .

Top quality Golf Putters For Beginners

What to look for  when choicing the Best Golf Putters For Beginners

Consider The Weight

When buying a putter, you have to remember that they are not created equally. Some are far more weighty than others, and this is not a good thing if you are not very familiar with this sport. The weight will determine the way the ball rolls once it has been hit, so you must choose wisely. Ideally, you should select something that is fairly lightweight, but this means you will have to work on maintaining control.

Length Matters

There is no magic number that determines the length of the best golf putters for beginners. The easy way to figure out which one to select would be to consider your height. Make sure that you do this when you have your golf shoes on so you get the most accurate measurement. If you buy one that is far too short or long, you will have a hard time when it comes to hitting the ball. Basically, you will miss far more than you would like.

Focus On Head Design

This is one of those factors that are a matter of preference. Everyone is different, so what works for you may not be the best bet for the next golfer. The main consideration would be to decide if you like something that has more of a blade head or if you would prefer one that resembles a mallet. Since you are new, it would probably be in your best interest to choose the latter since it has a bit more area, which means you will hit your target more often.

The Belly Putter

These have become more popular in recent years. This is a putter that is so long it reaches your stomach. While it is typically not advised that you get equipment that is too long, these have a great benefit. If you shake and tremble a great deal when putting, this will help keep your swing steady.

Buying a golf putter is not as simple as closing your eyes and hoping for the best. All of these points must be considered if you want to find something you will be completely satisfied with best golf putters for beginners.

Top 3 Bunker Shots Golf Tips

Top 3 Bunker Shots Golf Tips

Golf will at times put some of its best players in situations that are quite uncomfortable to take their shots. One of the conditions is the bunker shot ” arguably the most dreaded of all shots. On paper, the bunker shot is one that seems simple and easy to execute yet almost all golfers ” even the seasoned ones ” appear to lose their posture and confidence when they have to take the bunker shot. However, this is nothing to fear because we have prepared some bunker tips that will make this shot a simple one to execute. Here are the bunker tips that will help you improve your shooting.

bunker shots top tips

1. Have The Right Attitude When Approaching the Bunker Shots

Besides the fear associated with the sand bunker shot, the most significant challenge many golfers face is their stance when taking the shot. A majority of players often position their stand too wide, which is wrong. The main reason for the wide stance is that many players psych themselves out in the sand bunker. Golfers who are often attempting to drill the ball mostly result in a flop shot in the sand bunker. To take the bunker shot correctly, you must focus on getting the golf ball back on the green.

2. Have the Correct Lower Body Posture for Bunker Shots

Just like many other activities, having the right body posture when golfing is crucial. Instead of opening the clubface and your stand too wide, it is advisable to take aim to your target’s left side and open the clubface to about 3 degrees. At this posture, your feet shall be firmly on the sand for balance. At the same time, your stance should be at shoulder width apart with your knees flexed. While this might seem a bit awkward at the beginning, practicing it often will put your body in the right posture, and you will easily take your bunker shot.

3. Make Use of the Half Back Swing when comes to Bunker Shot

With your body in right balance, you now need to get the swing right. You will need to find an area about 4 inches behind the gold ball. Place your arms evenly and go for the half backswing. While performing this swing, however, you must be sure to rotate your shoulders to avoid injuries.

These three bunker shots golf tips will help you take your sand bunker shot perfectly and even better than before.

Finally! How To Get The Perfect Golf Swing

The Secret To The Perfect Golf Swing

How To Find the Perfect Golf Swing

The best ball strikers in the world have copied other great ball strikers’ swings.

Ben Hogan did that.

Jack Nicklaus did that.

Tiger Woods did that.

Every great ball striker has done that.

They look at what others do successfully, and copy it.

That’s called modeling success.

But if you look at their swings from a distance, you can tell whose swing it is. It’s easy to spot the difference between a Rory McIlroy and a Tiger Woods. It’s easy to spot the difference between Greg Norman and Nick Faldo. It’s easy to spot the difference between Sam Snead and Ben Hogan.

Every great pro has a unique swing to them. Even though they’ve copied others, you can tell it’s their swing and it’s unmistakable.


The same is true with amateur golfers’ swings.

You can tell your regular playing partners’ swings from a distance off.

So what’s the difference between a pro and an amateur golfer’s swing?

This is what I believe it is.

A pro has a very clear idea in their head as to how they want to swing. Whereas the regular amateur has no clear idea. Not only that, the average amateur goes around in circles with their swing. They try one thing after another trying to find the “secret”.

A pro never does that. They have their swing and they make small changes to it.

The point is…

Pros know exactly what they’re trying to do at each stage of their swing. And even if they don’t do what they want (when you look on video in slow motion), they have a feeling and clear image in their mind as to what they’re trying to do.

But amateurs do not have this.

So how can you find your the perfect golf swing?

Well, this is what I suggest.

When you have watched professional golfers’ swings in the past, you would have a couple of favorite players’ swings. There will be things about their swings that you like. They might not even be the best golfers in the world.

For example, you may like Angel Cabrera’s golf swing.

You may like Zach Johnson’s golf swing.

You may like Dustin Johnson’s golf swing.

You may even like Jim Furyk’s golf swing.

Everyone will have different likes and dislikes when it comes to looking at golf swings.

But I suggest you come up with 3 golfer’s swings you like the look of.

Once you’ve done this, then I suggest you try and narrow it down to one golfer’s swing that you like and think would be a good match for you.

When I say a good match for you, this is what I mean.

Are you tall and wiry?

If so, I wouldn’t recommend you try  like Tim Herron.

Are you short and stocky?

If you are, then I wouldn’t recommend you try and swing like Dustin Johnson.

Are you tall and well built?

If you are then I wouldn’t recommend you try and swing like Rory McIlroy.

So the very first thing you must do if you want to build the perfect golf swing for you, is to find someone with a swing you like that has similar physique to you.

Once you’ve done that, then you you need to study their swing at each stage, so you have a very clear idea on what they do.

This is going to be your blueprint for your perfect swing.

Please, however, understand this. Great golfers have copied other golfers’ swings, BUT they never look exactly the same. Everyone is different. So even with you copying one great golfer’s swing, doesn’t mean you will or should look exactly like them when you swing.

What’s more important, is that you have a very clear idea in your mind as to how you are going to swing.

This is critical.

After you have a very clear idea in your mind about how you want to swing, then you should not waiver. Don’t go trying one swing method after another. Don’t go trying one swing tip after another. Don’t go looking for some swing secret.

Instead, you need to program your mind and body to groove the perfect golf swing for you.

But be warned, if you go about this process in the traditional way, it’s going to involve you hitting thousands of balls to groove the new swing into a habit.


I’ve discovered a massive shortcut to doing this. And I have put together a new program to teach you how to find the perfect golf swing for you, and then groove that golf swing over and over again in the minimum amount of time.

There is nothing out there like this new method of improving your golf swing. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in golf instruction. So if you want to FINALLY hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently, without the need to hit thousands of balls, go here to find out more.