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Product Features

  • 3 TOOLS IN 1: PIQ gives you all you need to boost your game in one lightweight package: Golf Swing Analyzer, GPS Range Finder and Shot Tracker. No need to juggle a bevy of devices or constantly glance at your phone.
  • SWING ANALYZER: Track your tempo, swing path and club head speed for every shot. Compare your swing metrics across different courses and at the driving range.
  • SHOT TRACKING: Pick the right club, by knowing how far you actually hit each club. Track the average distance per club and see recommendations on which club to select based on your location to the hole.
  • GPS RANGE-FINDER: With a press of a button, use our satellite view to know where you are and your exact distance to the green. We’ve got you covered at 40,000+ golf courses worldwide.
  • PARTNER WITH THE BEST: We’ve teamed up with the market’s leading golf app, Mobitee to deliver you the most comprehensive golf system available.
  • Golf swing analyzer
  • PS range finder and shot tracker
  • PIQ gives you all you need to boost your game in one lightweight package
  • No need to juggle a bevy of devices or constantly glance at your phone
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Product Description

Golf tracking systems

This is a golf game tracking systems that will will guide you to victory by pointing out your Winning Factors and by letting you know where you can improve!

There are many golf tracking systems, but we have found this one stand out from rest, PIQ ROBOT power means that you get real-time actionable information that will allow you to improve your game.

Mobitee and PIQ Wearable Golf Tracking Systems

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How does it work?: At the start of your golf round you attache this small device onto the velcro strap of your glove, also a tag are added to  the butt your club grip (like your 4 wood). With the aid of your mobile  app, Everything is synced together

So what You Get With The golf tracking systems


golf tracking systems

You get the distance to the green right off your glove ; tap the club tag and you will unlock array of infomation such as which club to use for every shot. This golf tracker make smart shot decisions by using GPS, which will help your handicap.


Evey shot you take is track, this will help you learn how you hit each club which inturn will help make club choices smarter. Find how far you hit your iron and drivers. Keep your practice swing routine . You can log the location and club on the upcoming shot and track the distance from your last shot.

Pros & Cons Golf tracking systems 

Pros: This golf tracker gives a good all round information  covering distance , club choice and golf swing analyzer. Golf swing analyzer , analyzes tempo each of your  clubs , the swing path  plus club  speed. This is great way to help Tweak your golf game

Cons: Many golf players will forget to  tap the golf club  on their glove on every shot .As you play one can feel the device, which can be off putting and may get on your nerves 

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