How Improve My Putting Game: The Best Exercises!

How Improve My Putting Game

Tips that will help you improve your putting

Putting is considered one of the most important parts of golf. Missing putts can result in a bloated number of the scorecard. Hence, if you are serious about shooting lower scores, you have to practice how to putt like a pro. There are many drills that will help you improve your putting over time. Like in any other game, practice makes perfect when it comes to putting. If you are wondering “how improve my putting game,” here are some of the most effective drills to improve your putting.
how improve my putting game | 5 Minutes to great putting
Around the World or Clock Drill is one of the most effective exercises to improve your putting. It requires a lot of consistency and focus on your part. Find some space on the putting green to start this exercise. Pick a hole to shoot and place four golf balls around it. All the balls should be the same distance from the hole. Your goal is to move each ball back a foot and sink each of them from that distance. You need to start all over if you miss one. This drill will help you prepare for the pressure that you can feel on greens during a round. Sinking 4 balls in a row from different distances will help you get comfortable with those distances. It will improve your confidence when making those putts on the golf course.

The Long Putt Points Drill is another effective exercise that helps improve your putting game. The goal of this drill is to putt the golf ball within a three-foot range for a makeable two-putt. It helps a player become comfortable with longer distance putts. These are some of the most effective exercises to how improve my putting game.

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How Better my putting game – Best beginners putter

How Improve My Putting Game

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