Pro Putting Tips

Pro Putting Tips to Improve your putting game

It’s me with a tip that can take your putting game to the next level. This tip comes from the expertise of Jeff Richmond the creator of “5 Minutes to GREAT Putting”, a specialized program you’ll see featured here.

So here if Jeff with professional insights to maximizing your putting precision.

Today I am going to introduce a very simple but equally potent bit of advices that can slash your stroke count for each play down considerably.

If you don’t believe that one simple piece of good advice is enough to do that, just look at Rory McIlroy. His putting game was in the gutter when a small adjustment to the right-handed grip takes him from ZERO to Hero at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The more I have examined this aspect of golf, the more i believe that the secret lies in serious discipline. So, here is the tip that can help you in this regard.

–Next time you watch a pro- golf tournament online, you will get an opportunity to witness some excellent putting on the part of the professionals. Notice something, they all do that most amateurs will not be doing.

Notice how after they complete a putting stroke the professional golfer holds their stroke at the finish. Sometimes this is a mere second, but other for quite longer. Then next time you are playing with your buddies, see if they hold their finish as long as a pro. Possibly, only the really good putters do. Are they on to something?

You will rarely see a novice putter with a good follow through. After the hit, they will typically begin waving the club like a wand directing the ball to the left or right.

While it may appear to be a small difference, the good putter will hold the finish. The bad putter drops the finish or is barely even aware of it.

So does this mean that after holding their finish the poor putter is going to drop every ball in the hole? NO! But, there is a good chance they will drop more, and in any case you’ll put a competitive edge on your technique.

The point is that a good putter makes a strong confident stroke and hold their finish with intentionality. The poor putter tried to swerve the ball into the hole with the final tap.

As I said earlier in the article, there is a specific way that putting can be improved and a lot of this has to do with the discipline applied.

Holding a finish OR NOT holding the finish is a habit.

If you want to begin to interface with your technique on a basic level, try holding your finish for about a three second. By doing this you will pay more attention to perfecting your stroke than getting the ball in the hole every time. The expression “trying fails” has never been more applicable.

If you try and steer the ball from the hole the likelihood is that you will miss the shot altogether. If you focus on the quality of your form and positioning and care less about the outcome of the shot, you may find you get better results.

Putting itself has been accounted for a full 43% of the game and this month I am going to show you the way to take some of your strokes right off the game. This is really the most effective way to get a better game.

This was a tip from a professional, Jeff Richmond, if you are looking for some more great advice of perfecting your game, follow this link to Jeff Richmond’s path to Improvement.

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