The Golf wedges ” Golf’s Secret Weapon”

 The Golf Wedges are the golfer’s  Secret Weapon

Golfpsychology – 2017/08/08

An oldtimmer, asked his opinion about the record -breaking golf scores that are popping up nowadays, replied: ” You have a not-so- secret waepon that we didn’t have — the  Golf wedges.”

Titleist -Vokey SM6 Wedges

Professionals spend more time with the golf game wedges than any other club. It is no wonder that they have such feel for it. Through practice, they learn how every twist and turn of the wrist and shoulders will affect the trajectory and spin of the ball.

Two types of shots appear to strike the fancy of the tournament gallerite more keenly than others. The long drive commands respect, naturally. But the crowed is also awed by the approach shot that hits the green with tremendous backspin.

It wouldn’t be advisable for the beginner to try to put backspin on the ball untill he has mastered the wedge. Though this is a valuable club it is also dangerous, and can make the ball do unusual things.
As to backspin, it is virtually impossible to put backspin and the spin of the ball after the impact has beem made.

Golf wedges - Golfs Secret Weapon

When the ball is in the fairway or even in the rough, if the rough isn’t too bad, backspin is achieved by the upright swing of the golf wedges that comes down sharply into the ball. The club must hit the ball befores it hits the ground. Othwise, the motion is lost.

Sometimes, depending on the lie, the backspin can be improved by opening te clubface and brining the swing from outside in.
The shot is difficult for the novice because there is small margin for error; but it is worth developing for the situation that requires a quick stop after a hazard is cleared.

Always keep in mind that the pitch shot with the golf wedges requires little body movement. It is strictly a wrist and arm affair with no turning of the wrist on the follow through.

Chipping around the green is an art in itself.Proficiency can be realized only with practice, during which one gets the feel of the 5-iron or whatever his favorite chipping club.
The chip keeps closer to the ground, the pitch has more loft. The chip is performed most often with the 5 or 6-iron but the club used depends on the lie.

There is little body movement in the chip. It is all hands and arms. The same solid fundamentals of good golf prevail. The head must be kept still, the clubhead must hit the ball squarely  and the weight should be kept on the left foot. The right hand does most of the work in chipping.
The big calculation in chipping is where to land the ball on the fly so that it will run up properly to the pin. No number of written words could give enlightenment on this fact of golf life. It can be learned only through experience.

I usually pick out a spot on the green or the apron where I want the ball to land and concentrate on hitting it.

If you want to avoid sand traps, then develop a sensitive short iron game.