Attributes To Look For When Buying Golf Irons for Beginners

Buying Golf Irons for Beginners

golf irons for beginners

Golf in 2017 is not what it was in the late 60s and early 70s. For sure, the rules of golf have not changed. The aim is still to get the golf ball off the tee into a hole with minimum shots. However, the equipment has changed not only leading to evolution but also a revolution regarding golf irons. Every seasoned golfer was apparently once a beginner, a fact that we often tend to forget. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably wondering how the best golf irons for beginners will help you perfect your shot. You should not buy golf irons just to complete your golf set. There are important attributes to look for when purchasing a golf iron.

Attributes To Look For When Buying Golf Irons For Beginners

1. Club Head Design

Clubs that are designed with a relatively large clubface and have more weight at the club’s sole rather than the mid-section are referred to as clubs with a cavity back. Golfing irons with this kind of club head will help increase the speed of your new swing. And since you will probably not have the skills required to hit the ball with utmost precision, a relatively larger clubface will help compensate for the probable misses you would have made.

2. The Shaft

When golf irons for beginners, it is equally important to pay close attention to the shaft otherwise your performance shall be compromised. There are two common types of shafts; graphite and steel shafts, both of which are designed with different degrees of flex. Selecting the right shaft flex can help improve your hitting precision and delivery yardage.

If you’re a beginner with a slow swing speed, you should consider a golf iron with a more flexible shaft. If your swing speed is average or relatively fast, a stiff shaft would obviously be your best choice. Swing speed can be measured at a golf shop so be sure to have it measured before proceeding to buy a golf iron.

3. Forgiveness

As a beginner, how often does your shot land its desired target? Forgiveness in golf irons is an attribute that makes striking the ball easy considering the difficulty beginners face with their shots. Golf irons offering maximum forgiveness will produce shot that will travel precisely where you need them to land.

4. Wider Sole

Broader sole in golf irons makes it easier for any beginner to get the ball to travel all the distance they would have wanted it to. Moreover, broader soles help produce a smooth strike since there are chunks of grass �” which are often picked when an amateur golfer hits the ball.