Golf Woods Are Show Windows of Golf Game

Woods Are Show Windows of Golf

The  golf woods and the putter have to be regarded as the show-windows of golf. Most fans at a big tournament surround the No.1 tee to see who can hit the ball farthest. Later, they congregate around the 9th and 18th greens to see putting finishes.

Golf Woods Are Show Windows of the game

This naturally puts more pressure on the professional but he doesn’t mind the No.1 tee bit as much as the high handicap player who shudders at the thought of more than three people watching him/her tee off.

I have seen players in the amateur ranks who were so terrified on the No.1 tee that they would use a No.3 iron to be sure not to embarrass themselves is understandable because nobody likes to look like a weakling but it can’t be whipped by avoiding the issue. The high handicapper should practice driving so much that he can hit the ball solidly with his/her eyes shut. Once he gains confidence, the battle is won. He won’t mind whether he is watched by his three playing partners or 3,000 fans.

Thus, difficulty with N0.2 of the mental dozen is solved.
Confidence is the most important factors in sports. It is especially a necessary ingredient in the playing of the fairway woods, where doubt frequently jolts confidence. Should it be a 4-wood,3-wood or 2-iron ?

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The decision should be made on the basis of your ability to use the clubs in relationship to the difficulty of the lie. The average golfer is too optimistic. He should use a 4-wood instead of a 3-wood or a club with a notch more loft than he thinks he will need.
Once the decision is made, stick with it and go all out. Pick out the spot where you want the ball to land and feel you have just the weapon to put it there.

The 5- golfs wood, a club that one never sees on the men’s tour, has made many an amateur happy and confident. It has a larger hitting surface than the long iron and for that reason alone makes the player think he can get more muscle into the ball.

Some women pros swear by the 5-wood. It gets them out of a lot of trouble. Someday it will be a standard club for men as well as women.

Rory McIlroy using a 5 wood

One must have the right mental image Pros on television use the long iron when the amateur would be better off with the 4 or 5- wood.

Not long ago, some of the top golfers on the pro tour were asked which shot they considered the most important – te tee shot, the shot to the green, the putt?

There were varied opinions
Arnold Palmer and Tigger Woods, two long hitters, agreed that the putt is the most important.
Yet many are torn between the tee shot and the putt. You need them both and without either your fortunes are not likely to be too high.

Fortunately, one of the faculties picks up for me when the other lets down.
The par shooter will take from 14 to 16 shots with wood clubs off the tee. In addition, he will use the fairway woods three or four times. The high handicapper makes much heavier use of the golf woods.

In any man’s game, the woods are important. Their accuracy gives the player a chance for birdie putts. If the woods are not performing right, more pressure is laced on the putting and the whole games go awry.

A player needs good driving and good putting just as the football team has to have fine passing to complement a strong running attack.

The driver should be the easiest club in the bag to hit because the ball is teed up. There is never a bad lie.
On the other hand, the margin of error is greater. One slight mistake on the tee can putt the ball in 25 yards of rough or lake or trap. This error can be more critical than a slight miscalculation on the green.

Because of the many component parts of the swing that have to be geared to perfection, more confidence is needed on the drive than any one other shot. Tension arising from lack of confidence can cause any one of them to go wrong. This is where the good-putt part of a man’s game can help the drive. Nothing inspires more poise for the next tee than a difficult putt that drops in the cup.
Biggest mistake made by the high handicapper on the tee is going back too fast on the backswing.If he could tee the ball somehow so it could be hit with his backswing instead of his downswing, he would outdrive the pros.

Here are Some Key Points to remember in the use of golf woods:

1. The Left heel must be well-anchored.
2. The left arm must be kept straight.
3. The head must stay behind the ball without bobbing up or down
4. The hands must lead the club into the impact area.
5. The club head must follow-through gives more distance.