Improve My Putting Game: The Best Techniques!

Great putters believe they can hole every put

Improve My Putting Game

If you are wondering “how improve my putting game,” you have come to the right place. The game of golf is ruined if you can’t putt. Missing putts can result in a bad scorecard in a short period of time. Although putting is considered the hardest part in a game of golf, the right techniques can help improve your skill. Here is “how improve my putting game.”
Improve My Putting Game

This helps you determine your best stance. Based on a variety of physical attributes, finding your proper stance may look much different than the best stance for other golfers you play with. Your game will see significant improvement if you can find the proper stance.

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TIP! Don’t use a golf cart to go from one hole to another. Walk instead.

Putting is all about the contour of the golf ground. This is quite different to full shots that are aided by the air. That is why it is important that you look around the ground before you decide to putt. Look at all your putts from a ninety-degree angle and from behind the hole. It helps give you a crystal clear idea of the elevation of the ground and the distance you need to putt. You should set the golf ball square to the line of the target with your eyes over the ball. Hold the putter lightly with the arm hanging loosely. The hands should be ahead of the golf ball through the stroke. The next step is to smoothly move the putter backward and forward while keeping the putter in line with the target.

Consult a professional if you’re thinking about buying new golf clubs. Take their advice, and always research the newest innovations and try a wide variety of golf clubs before deciding which ones to purchase.

TIP! The key thing to consider when looking for a powerful swing is using both your upper and lower body to create momentum through the ball. Beginning golfers rely too much on their arms for swinging power, which causes them not to hit all that far.

The clock-drill and around-the-world-drill are two effective drills that will help to improve your consistency and focus when putting the golf ball. For this exercise, you need to find space around a hole on a putting green. Set up 4 golf balls around the hole. All four balls need to be kept at an equal distance from the hole. You should get all the balls to the hole. Each time you get the balls into the hole, move the balls a foot further from the hole for the next round. On the other hand, the coil-drill will help improve your accuracy over time. For this exercise, you should set up a coin about one-foot in front of the golf ball. Try to get the golf ball go over the coin. This drill is important to improve the accuracy of your putting.


Improve My Putting Game

Great putters believe they can hole every putt.

Do they hole every putt?


But they believe they can.

And just because they miss some putts, it doesn’t stop them from thinking the next one is going in.

However, you just can’t go thinking before every putt…

Wiggling your toes will help to get a better sense of your posture as you prepare to swing your golf club. If this action causes your feet to shift significantly, then you are not properly balanced over the ball. You want to lean toward the ball just enough to allow some wiggle, but not excessively free foot movement.

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