Are You Left or Right Brained Golfer

Left or Right Brained Golfer

Two Brains Three Senses – how it plays Vital Role in Golf


Left or Right Brained GolferThose of us who studied human biology in school will remember being taught that the brain has two hemispheres, the left hemisphere, and the right hemisphere. We may have been taught that these different hemispheres control different aspects of our functioning as humans beings. What we have learned since is that three of these senses play a vital role in our golfer in terms of how we conceptualize or think about our golf and how we perceive and act in the external worlds.

Right and Left Brains?

There are three important things to note when we talk about the different halves of the brain:

1 they control different function in us.

2 A lot of us tend to learn towards being more left – or more right brained golfer in our approach to playing golf  and life generally.

3 Golf as an activity has some elements that demand more use of our right hemisphere.

Let me explain some more by comparing the differences between right brain dominant people – described as ‘ right – brainers’ and left brain dominant people – or ‘left brainers’.

Left – brainers are logical, timely, reliable, neat, realistic and analytical. They can be critical, they like things to be well planned and organized. They thrive on routine, will practice for hours and generally want to understand thoroughly before doing.

Right – brainers are imaginative, impetuous, take a risk and break rules. They are holistic, good at conceptualizing, intuitive, creative and sensitive. They are curious, like surprises, relate well to feel and enjoy movement.

Of course, no one is totally  right brained golfer or totally left-brained, but most of us tend to be more one way or the other. That makes it easier for us to learn or do things that demand the use of the dominant half of our brain, and harder for us to learn or do the things that demand the use of the non- dominant half of our brain.

Bearing in mind the above, here is how we run into difficulties.Imagine that I tend to be more left-brained in my approach to life. I will tend to apply my left-brained approach to the whole of my Golf, and I will perform well the elements of golf that demand the functions of my left brain. However, the elements that demand the use of my right brained golfer will suffer, because I still try to apply my preferred left-brain mode of thinking. It’s a bit like trying to screw in a normal slotted screw with a cross-headed screwdriver. It’s the wrong tools for the job, and it make life very difficult