Find Out If You Are Right – Brain Dominant or Left – Brain Dominant Golfer

  Left – Brain Dominant golfer or Right – Brain Dominant

left - Brain Dominant golferIt is our brain that drives or causes our action, and so it follows that the better we drive our brain, the better it will drive that action. And the brain is a superb mechanism. It learned how to walk and talk long before you were able to tell it what and how to walk and talk or swing a golf club. So given the performance loop, we potentially have two places that we can exert some influence over things. One is our perception of the external world, and the other is our perception of our internal world, both of which go to make up our experience of the world as a whole. As we get into the exercises I will suggest some that help with one or the other, and some that work with both.
First, let’s begin to think about which are our dominant modes. Read through these descriptions and decide which one is closest to you. We are not aiming to be statistically or psychologically accurate here, just to provide us with some food for thought.


When I play, I:
Like to imagine/ create new shots
Am sometimes reckless in my choice of shot
Guess the yardage
Hit the ball in unconventional ways( when others think it’s unnecessary)
Like to play the bold shot
Enjoy new courses and playing partners
Like to have fun when playing
Can tell when something is bothering other people and try to change it
Get the feel of things
Get highs and lows in response to how well I am doing
Am curious about other ways to achieve the end result


When I play, I:
Like to analyses every swing I make, especially if it goes wrong
Want logical explanations for everything I do
Always arrive to play on time
Do what I say I will
Like routines
Am critical of myself (and others) if things are not right
Try to be realistic with my goals
Prefer practice that can be measured, quantified and analysed
Like to understand why I do things
Always dress neatly
Plan how I will play a hole
Organise my playing, practice and social schedule

Of course, no one is totally left – Brain Dominant golfer or Right – Brain Dominant golfer, but most of us lean one way or another in our preferences. Some of us will lean only slightly one way. Others will be closer to one of the two extremes. If we are more right-brained in our preferences, then the pre-swing phase is where we can make a significant gain. If we are more left – Brain Dominant golfer in our preference, then we have probably analysed our swing to death already. We will need to learn to let go of our thinking about the right way to do things while we make our swing.

According to a variety of studies, anywhere from 70% to 90% of the world Golf Players are Right – Brain Dominant, while most of the remaining are left – Brain Dominant golfer. A small percentage of the golf players can use both hands equally well; a person with this ability is deemed to be ambidextrous.