Reasons Why You Slice The Ball and how to Fix It

Problem You Slice The Ball But Why?

If you’re prone to hitting the slice, there are some reasons that could have attributed to it.
Slice The Ball

First, you setup to slice the ball and that’s actually wrong. That’s because you might have a weak grip or he ball has been positioned very far from your stance while you’re actually aimed  left and actually causing golf slice.

One  main reasons why golfers slice the ball is because of poor setup and it has been happening for a long time.

Most  golfers suffering from a slicing issue always think about changing their swing and many have tried to do so. Of course, it’s a common misconception because golfers swing will be determined by the setup. Therefore, they can change their swing but if they don’t change setup it’s simply putting a band-aid on a problem. Eventually, your band-aid will fall off and  your problem will not be solved and you will go back to slicing.

Other hand, golfers are most likely going to slice the ball because they swing outwards moving in. As a result, your ball will begin to the left part of the target.

If you want to fix your slicing problem, you should start by hitting your ball on right of the target. There are a few simple ways of doing this but it actually comes down to accepting that you will have some bad shots until the ball actually comes back to the right part of the target.

Additionally, golfers have a slicing issue because they strike the ball with an open clubface.

Note that, if you’re doing this from an outward to in clubhead path, golf ball will start to the left of the target and slice.

Eventually, you will lose a lot of accuracy and distance.

Pro Draw System

That’s what you need to work on so you can approach the ball from the inside, contact it with a closed clubface rather than open. It’s actually not a tough thing if you know what to do.

Another reason why golfers have an issue with slicing is because they are using the wrong equipment. One main reason for that is the club shaft. As an amateur golfer, your club shaft might be too stiff. Therefore, you should get fitted with the best golf clubs rather than buying anything directly off the shelf.

An amazing way of fixing a slice is actually starting at the setup then working on the swing thereafter. To work on the swing, you should avoid getting into positions instead of using drills. Of course, you need specific drills to fix your slice accordingly. Otherwise you will fool yourself that your slice is fixed when it’s actually not.

Therefore, whether you’re using these tips to fix your slice or choose to do it on your own, you must follow the steps keenly.

1. Setting up the ball to encourage a hook/draw

2. Always swing from the inside rather from the outside.

3. Make sure you contact the ball with a slightly closed clubface rather than open.

4. You should have equipment which encourages a draw ball fight.

If you want to hit consistent draws in just 17 days, you should follow these steps to achieve  results you what.

Slice The Ball – The Pro Draw System And What You Should Know About It

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