Top 3 Bunker Shots Golf Tips

Top 3 Bunker Shots Golf Tips

Golf will at times put some of its best players in situations that are quite uncomfortable to take their shots. One of the conditions is the bunker shot ” arguably the most dreaded of all shots. On paper, the bunker shot is one that seems simple and easy to execute yet almost all golfers ” even the seasoned ones ” appear to lose their posture and confidence when they have to take the bunker shot. However, this is nothing to fear because we have prepared some bunker tips that will make this shot a simple one to execute. Here are the bunker tips that will help you improve your shooting.

bunker shots top tips

1. Have The Right Attitude When Approaching the Bunker Shots

Besides the fear associated with the sand bunker shot, the most significant challenge many golfers face is their stance when taking the shot. A majority of players often position their stand too wide, which is wrong. The main reason for the wide stance is that many players psych themselves out in the sand bunker. Golfers who are often attempting to drill the ball mostly result in a flop shot in the sand bunker. To take the bunker shot correctly, you must focus on getting the golf ball back on the green.

2. Have the Correct Lower Body Posture for Bunker Shots

Just like many other activities, having the right body posture when golfing is crucial. Instead of opening the clubface and your stand too wide, it is advisable to take aim to your target’s left side and open the clubface to about 3 degrees. At this posture, your feet shall be firmly on the sand for balance. At the same time, your stance should be at shoulder width apart with your knees flexed. While this might seem a bit awkward at the beginning, practicing it often will put your body in the right posture, and you will easily take your bunker shot.

3. Make Use of the Half Back Swing when comes to Bunker Shot

With your body in right balance, you now need to get the swing right. You will need to find an area about 4 inches behind the gold ball. Place your arms evenly and go for the half backswing. While performing this swing, however, you must be sure to rotate your shoulders to avoid injuries.

These three bunker shots golf tips will help you take your sand bunker shot perfectly and even better than before.